Why OnSerro

OnSerro the next-generation Community Engagement Platform is a suite of integrated communications and analytics tools designed to enable businesses to create, extract and maintain value from socially integrated activities. Every business today needs to be linked, on multiple levels, to its key communities, be they customers, employees, supply chain, or market-influencers – and the more integrated and collaborative those constituents are, the more value can be created for all parties.

OnSerro brings together the best communication and collaboration systems into a single solution and makes these easy to deploy and manage securely. When ‘ON’, this combination offers a sophisticated set of features and capabilities which can be deployed across a number of scenarios. As your company grows and seeks to fulfill different missions, separate departments are able to add stand-alone versions of the platform to support long and/or short-term business objectives.

With specialist knowledge and agile partner delivery, OnSerro allows business of all sizes to enter and take advantage of the commercial benefits of the community engagement arena.

Assemble your tribe

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.
Most organisations spend time marketing to the crowd. Smart organisations assemble their tribe.

Seth Godin, Author of Tribes: We need you to lead us.sethgodin