Voice Of The Customer

Engaged Customers are better Customers. Understand them better and they
will spend more, repeat purchase and tell others.

Customers trust other customers’ opinions

OnSerro is the perfect platform to engender and encourage peer to peer recommendation and engagement. Customers’ experiences, feedback, and product knowledge can be shared and discussed, which in turn can help speed up the buying process.

OnSerro can be used to showcase new product launches and encouraging customer interactions will help you gain powerful feedback such as buying decisions and levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

Your reputation matters and by listening, engaging, supporting, and ultimately loving your customers, you are further helping to strengthen your brand reputation and your customers’ loyalty.

If you’re not listening, you’re not learning
Features that enable deeper insight and engagement

Gather customer data from surveys, &
incentivise participation with rewards.

Gain quick snaps shots of insight
through discussion group polls.

Q&A Sessions
Schedule Q&A sessions & allow customers
to ask invited speakers questions.

Instant Chat
Chat privately & directly with customers,
users can also message one another.

Unlimited Groups
An unlimited number of open
& private discussion groups.

User Sets
Invite user sets to posts, Q&As, & groups,
share files & target with advertising.

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