Private Communities

Establish trusted relationships in a safe & secure environment.

Does your community require privacy?

With OnSerro you can create private and closed communities, ideal for security-conscious sectors such as finance, corporate communications or member-only organisations.

Internal private discussion groups allow you to invite and remove members at any time, meaning that only people you want to view and engage with, private group content can. Platform advertising means you can also feature relevant sponsors to specific audiences all within private groups.

If you’re not listening, you’re not learning
Features that enable deeper insight and engagement

Access Control
Private communities accessible
only to those allowed by you.

Invitation Control
Easily invite individual or multiple
users to your community.

Private Groups
Publish content only for those
members who have access.

Private Chat
Private user to user &
user to admin instant messaging.

Administrative Permissions
Easily remove discussions,
comments & users.

Content Moderation
In-built profanity & compliance
keyword control.

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