How to go the extra mile for your customers – Be your own corner shop!

Going the extra mile can make all the difference when it comes to customer retention. Now more than ever, a company’s reputation is under constant scrutiny, and how you engage with customers, pre and post-sale is a direct representation of your brand.

How responsive and ‘caring’ is your business towards customers?

Personally engage

Reach out and ‘speak’ to your customers. This might sound ridiculously obvious, but it can be easily overlooked. After all, we have enough to do within our daily business routines, but building customer relationships can be the simplest method to help boost future sales and strengthen the likelihood of customer recommendations.

A genuine, authentic, personally written message, demonstrates to your customers that you care about their views and feedback. You are taking the time and making the effort, this can go a long way to help further strengthen bonds.

‘Personal’ messages could be…

  • To ask if they are happy with their purchase
  • To ask if their experience was / is good
  • To thank them for their purchase
  • To invite them to a user’s / owner’s community to share advice and feedback
  • To offer them loyalty terms on their next purchase

Delight unhappy customers : Turn a frown upside down!

As soon as you become aware of a disgruntled or unhappy customer, take immediate action to address their problems and issues. 

Complaint + satisfaction = loyalty, even advocacy

According to research, customers who complain, and are then satisfied with the company’s response, are much more likely to make a repeat purchase than a customer who did not make a complaint in the first place!

Negative social posts and tweets can spread like wild-fire, they act like Kryptonite for your business. You can’t let your guard down and should be as responsive as possible towards customers’ questions, needs, and complaints.

Don’t become complacent ; you have worked hard to acquire your customers, never take them for granted. Your competition is never far away!

No business is perfect, everyone deals with a level of customer frustration and dissatisfaction, but as they say, ‘the customer is; ‘always right! It’s how we deal with the customer pre and post-sale that makes the difference and will enable you to build loyalty.

Authenticity always wins

It’s probably a safe bet to say that everyone reading this understands what a ChatBot is, and most people will more than likely have engaged with one in the past. Think of the frustration of ‘instant chat’ when dealing with your mobile provider online…let’s not mention any names!

Chatbots are a great way to provide quick information and direct you to the person or department that can handle a query. 

However, this faceless lack of communication underlines the opportunity for brands to further build upon, and strengthen customer relationships in ways automated systems cannot. 

Knowing a little about your customers can be hugely powerful, think of the old corner shop. Long before the age of the Supermarket, the corner shop was the emporium of  necessary daily items. Think of Arkwright in ‘Open All Hours’ (those not familiar with BBC comedy may need to YouTube this!). Akrwright knew all about his customers, the trials and tribulations of local daily life were the foundation of engagement and loyalty that grew between patron and proprietor.

Be authentic with your customers : ask them questions, and if appropriate, get to know them. This level of attention will result  in strong and lasting bonds establishing and building strong customer loyalty!


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