OnSerro includes a comprehensive feature set that enables proactive engagement between customers, users, members, and staff.

User features

  • App

    Engagement via IOS, Android and web browser.

  • Create & Engage

    User posts and comments via text, pictures, videos, and links.

  • Groups

    Membership keeps users notified of new content via push notifications.

  • Share

    Share and spread the word via all the major networks.

  • Q&A

    Join question and answer sessions and directly speak with speakers.

  • Instant Chat

    Private user to user direct messaging.

  • User Settings

    Full control over settings, including email and push notifications.

  • File Sharing

    User to user file sharing.

  • Following

    Peer to peer connections easily made through ‘following’.

  • Profile Photo Gallery

    Personalise membership by uploading photos to the dashboard gallery.

  • Intuative Layout

    Intuitive and familiar timelines, dashboards and news feed.

  • User Hook Ups

    Connect with like-minded people using our ‘locate user’ search facility.

Moderator features

  • Groups & Categories

    Unlimited control and filtering of content with categories and groups.

  • User Sets

    Add selected users to ‘sets’ and engage directly.

  • Surveys

    Survey and incentivise participation with ‘reward downloads’.

  • Gamification

    Reward engaged customers with points and badges.

  • Compliance

    Automatic Keyword and URL filtering.

  • File Sharing

    Attach files to posts, groups, user sets or share individually.

  • Open & Private Groups

    Create private groups and populate with content for invitees only.

  • Advertising

    Targeted, and trackable, advertising campaigns.

  • Administrators

    Grant administrator permissions required to help run the community.

  • Open Or Closed

    Allow open registrations or restrict login to invitees and requests only,

  • Look & Feel

    Customise the look and feel with our flexible theme editor.

  • Responsive

    Responsive across all devices and browsers.

  • Widgets

    Embed and promote community content across external websites.

  • Membership Control

    Invite and remove accounts quickly and easily.

  • Messaging

    Directly message multiple, or individual users.

  • Flexible Control

    Manage member categories, groups biography fields, and more.

Security and integration

  • Subdomain

    Run the community from your own website.

  • Single Sign On

    Users can use their existing website login credentials.

  • Quick Setup

    OnSerro is quick to set up and simple to use and manage.

  • Security

    Multiple data centres fitted with the latest security and updates.

  • API Integration

    Pull existing data into the community from 3rd party data sources.

  • Support

    Unsurpassed experience and expertise to help with integration, implementation.

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