OnSerro comes with an enviable feature set that combines to deliver the ‘next generation’ of proactive client and staff engagement enabling you to create and grow the community you want to meet your specific external business and internal organisation objectives.

Community member features

Create content

Members can create content in the form of text, multiple pictures, videos, and links. Embed Twitter hashtags and directly invite Twitter users to discussions.

Private content

Creating posts and tagging community members is simple and allows posts to be shared completely privately within the community.

Intuitive layout

Simple and easy community adoption using familiar social media standard timelines, user dashboards and news feeds.


Members can post freely within open community groups and will be notified of new content and group alerts.

Ask the expert

Members can join question and answer sessions and directly speak with community invited Q&A speakers.

Instant chat

Contact between users is easy with OnSerro’s very own Instant Messaging OnSerro’s very own Instant Messaging.

Connect social accounts

Members can connect their social accounts and Tweet or update their Facebook status from within the community without ever having to leave. They can also share their social updates as community posts.

Dashboard customisation

Members have full control over notification alerts and settings, including their biography all from within their dashboard. We also allow members to customise the look of their dashboard with custom banner images.

File sharing

It’s easy for users to share files with their followers in the community. They can access their downloads from within their dashboard and even share with other members within Instant Messaging.

User to User following

User following means that community members are instantly kept up to date with all new user content.

Photo gallery

Members can personalise community membership even further by uploading photos and images to their dashboard photo gallery.

Share socially

Members can share content from the community to their social networks and even directly invite individual Twitter users into community posts.

Expand community reach

Creating community posts and adding relative Twitter hashtags is a great way to involve Twitter users, who potentially share a common interest, into the conversation.

User hook ups

Members can add their location in order to be found within ‘locate user’ searches. A great way to encourage meets ups for anything from a round of golf to a business lunch.

Community moderator features

Stimulate conversation

Upload polls, posts, videos, pictures or create Q&A sessions for user participation.

Schedule content

Set the time and date you want content to be published to the community

Categories and Groups

Unlimited control and filtering of content with custom categories and subgroups.

User sets

Create and populate user sets and engage with community members via a multitude of ways. Invite user set members to posts, Q&A sessions, share files and target advertising to name but a few.

Create surveys

Unlimited questions and answers, you create the surveys you would like answered. Incentive Survey adoption by rewarding participants ‘reward downloads’ or direct to specific links once the survey has been completed.


Gamify your community and stimulate content generation and sharing via community reward badges. Unlimited reward badge possibilities based on an unlimited number of possible posts, comments, and shares.


Keyword and URL filtering give you peace of mind that any inappropriate content will be flagged and removed.

File sharing

Attach files to posts, categories, groups or share directly with select, or all of the community members.

Open or private groups

Create private groups and populate with content for invitees only.


Create custom advertising campaigns that can be targeted for individual users, user sets, specific posts, groups or globally to all community members.

Sub administrators

Assign trusted community members with administrative permissions to remove content, generate reports, create advertisements and much more.

Open or closed community

Lock down community access to community invitees only. Our quick and simple community member CSV file upload facility allows you to create multiple member accounts in seconds.

Look and feel

Customise the look and feel of your community with our flexible theme editor.

Beautifully responsive

Your community needs to look great across multiple devices. Beautifully responsive design means users experience is paramount.


Embed areas of the community across external websites. Promote community content and discussions to entice new member registrations.

Membership control

Full user account administrative controls allow you to invite and remove members and view full member account information at a glance.


Direct message community members on a granular level. From individual members to user sets to specific user groups, keep members up to date quickly and easily.

Flexible control

Multiple settings allow you to control what is available to community members. From categories to discussion groups and member biography fields, you are in control.


Link and promote your social channels from within the community. Allow community members to be kept up to date with Social content all from within the community.

RSS feeds

Embed custom RSS feeds to share within the community. Allow members to post RSS links to create discussions or be kept up to date with news from outside the community.

Security and integration


Run your community from your own website, seamless integration to ensure easy adoption for your existing website members.

Single Sign On

Don’t worry about multiple account details, OnSerro will integrate with your existing user base.

Quick setup

In a hurry? OnSerro is quick to setup and simple to use and manage.

Superior security

OnSerro is backed by superior hosting that operates via multiple data centres fitted with cutting edge security, operational and environmental controls that delivers performance and peace of mind.

API integration

Want your existing data to be pulled into the community? No problem, OnSerro can integrate with 3rd party data sources easily via APIs and can seamlessly import your existing content into the community.


Unsurpassed experience and expertise to help with integration, implementation and the successful management of your community.