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Creating communities that help you build your business.

Connecting your business with the right people

Since the dawn of the internet, forums, instant messaging and social media platforms have provided high engagement because discussions are the foundation of online experience.

These exist as digital communities to share ideas, ask questions, offer advice or connect over common interests. Now, instead of restricting collaboration to third-party sites, your organisation can participate and capture conversations around product or services in a branded community. There are a vast amount of opportunities created by simply understanding the needs of, and adding value to new and existing customers, clients and partners.

OnSerro is the next-generation of community engagement where organisations can connect with customers, employees or partners. Most importantly, a community is a powerful channel to communicate with your customers through discussions, reviews, surveys, polls, and live chat. Through these simple tried and tested methods, social listening and engagement can increase customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

What are your community objectives and roles?

Business leader & Revenue generation
I’m a business leader and care about revenue
generation how can OnSerro help?

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Community manager & CX
I’m a community manager and care about customer
loyalty how can OnSerro help?

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Marketer & Marketing campaigns
I’m a market researcher and care about
product development, how can OnSerro help?

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Market research & Product dev
I’m a market researcher and care about
product development, how can OnSerro help?

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Assemble your tribe

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.
Most organisations spend time marketing to the crowd. Smart organisations assemble their tribe.

Seth Godin. Author of Tribes: We need you to lead us

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